House Keys

House Keys

How many keys have you got for your home? Too Many! We can reduce the number and make it more convenient and efficient for you. You may be able to have only one key that opens and closes all the locks on your house.


Transponder Keys

Transponder Keys Non Powered, electronic transponder chips embedded in the plastic head of the keys were introduced in around 1996 to increase the security of vehicles. The code in the transponder chip is read when you turn the key in the ignition.
If the transponder chip is broken, missing, or has not been programmed to the car, the engine will not start. We can replace, repair or reprogram the transponder so your carís computer recognizes the new code, allowing it to start.
Thatís why a standard key wonít work. You need a qualified Automotive Locksmith to program the key to suit your car.


Car Keys

Car Keys Do you need to repair or replace a lock on your motor vehicle? Smitths Locksmiths can repair and/or supply and install new automotive locks to just about every make and model available. See us now for expert advice on the repair or supply and installation of the best locks to suit your security needs.


Window Locks

Window Locks Windows are a large part of the curb appeal of your home, and keeping those windows secure requires a good set of window locks. No one wants their house to look like a fortress without the beautiful, open look of windows. But they can also be the most vulnerable part of your home.


Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems Master key systems for home and commercial solutions. Master key systems for selective access to buildings, gates and secure areas.




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